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About Our Services
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We started out in 1986 by creating Ads, Brochures and Marketing strategies
for the Nationwide Company we were employed with for 15 years.

By 1987 we were also creating and publishing Newsletters for their Customers and Employees that were geared to Educate, Instruct, Motivate and Discipline.

Our strategies WORKED so successfully in creating
New Business, Customer Return, Consumer Growth, Stable and Capable Staff,
that they continued to solicite our services even after we went out our own!


In our search for QUALITY products and services that were AFFORDABLE for US, we ended up realizing we would have to do our own to avoid the expense of hiring or buying.

Then we eventually branched out due to demands from others who wanted or needed NEW and UNIQUE Custom Design, like our own, in THEIR Professional Materials...
yet felt they couldn't afford them.

We found that if we did it just like we do it for our selves,
We COULD do it BETTER and CHEAPER for all those "OTHERS"!

CPC Custom Designs, Creates and Distributes Unique and AFFORDABLE Products that grace and assist both the simple and the finest of Homes and Businesses, Individuals and Groups alike.

When we realized how affordable QUALITY could be... we wanted to tell the world!
So we decided to offer our services at the fair prices we had looked for and failed to find.

What we can print without employing the big overhead guys are our MOST AFFRODABLE products... but even when we DO have to employee the other guys, we get discounts individuals can't and our needs are COPY READY... a HUGE cost saving factor!

And so, unlike the big guys who want to design and produce in quanity for big bucks,
We don't mind those small orders at all!


It surprised us at the satisfaction and joy we felt when we were able to create our first WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT & INVITATION packet, The first ONLINE Mother's Day, Birthday and Christmas
GIFT WEBSITES, and so much more.

When people tell you they feel like hugging you for the things you do that they never thought they could afford the like of....
wellllll, SHUCKS! It just feels plain GOOD.


We get a real tickle out of helping small businesses, like our own, out fox the big boys by reducing expenses for necessary and desired business products while gaining much needed encouragement and visual appeal while doing it!


"Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him!"
Prov 30:5 NKJV