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Guarantees, Privacy Policies, Disclaimers

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Guarantees, Privacy Policies, Disclaimers
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Privacy Policies

All of our Guarantees, Privacy Policies and Disclaimers are very simple:

1. Guarantees: We guarantee to perform in as timely a manner as you enable us to once we agree to do your product. We further guarantee to strive to be the best you've ever encountered in Personal Customer Service. We also guarantee to do our best to produce a Product that will make you happy and will cause you to brag about us to others.

2. Privacy Policies: Our Privacy Policy is to NEVER reveal your confidential information to any party for any reason unless so ordered by a court of law. We also agree never to post your product as an example on our website unless you permit us to in writing (email).

3. Disclaimers: We cannot be responsible for shipping damages or lost items in shipping once they leave our hands. Your claim at that time will be with the shipping company or Post Office. We WILL provide you with all the shipping information we have on hand including tracking info. We cannot be held responsible for failure of equipment which prevents our fulfilling your order completely or on time. Refund of any money paid will be made for any items not produced.


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