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Image Detail ~ "Rejoice Alone"

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Print: "Rejoice Alone"

History and Details below


PRINT HISTORY: Abilene Series Exclusive Collector Edition: "Rejoice ALone".
Still lush and green, providing for God's creatures after a scorching summer of drought... a giant 5' Texas Thistle plant, along ranch road fencing on Westlake Rd., Abilene, TX. September of 2003.

All prints are accompanied by a "Certificate of Authenticity", suitable for framing, which will include History and Details as relevant to each Print.
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AUTHOR'S COMMENTS: Most often you will see this thistle in purple, but occassionally you will see them in white. Native to Texas, they can stand up to 5' tall and sport blooms up to 3" across. Many wildlife and insect species feed on this plant, but the sight I like best is to see a field covered by Butterflies or Gold Finch feasting on this of God's provsions. This flower also has a very nice aroma and blooms all the way through September here in West Texas. In the sandy, rocky soil of a drier climate and harsh growing conditions... you have to admire it's perseverance in blooming on alone and providing for God's creatures when most others have wilted away.