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Image Detail - SundownStar

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Print: "Sundown Star"

Details and History below.


PRINT HISTORY: Abilene Series Exclusive Collector Edition: "Sundown Star"

Taken from county road 3034 in Jones County, Texas - Looking Northwest, Approaching highway 83N from the east side. A momentary break in the day's threatening weather reminds us that "God is in control" behind whatever we may be going through at the time. Here, He sends a reassuring quick peek at another of His magnificent sunsets between the dark clouds of a passing storm, just before another begins for the night... showing us that He does protect and guide even through the dark and scary times if we will just seek Him and let Him.

All prints are accompanied by a "Certificate of Authenticity", suitable for framing, which will include History and Details as relevant to each Print.
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West Texas is famous for it's violent storms of roaring winds, earth shaking and house rattling thunder from the magnificent lightning shows, and destructive hail.
And they can spring up out of no where just because the wind changes directions.
Along with the almost constant threat of tornadic activity during these storms, those of us living in this region keep a constant watch no matter how pretty the skies or what the Weather Forcasters say!
Once you experience getting through the awe inspiring destructive forces that roar around you, praying each moment of the way, it's easy to sincerely realize that it is only by the protection and guidance of the Lord that we remain unharmed... for there is no where you can go to escape it... just like our daily lives in this world.