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Father's Day?



What the world is today is NOT what GOD created it to be,
nor what He chose then, or would choose it now to be.
Because He did not want robots pre-programmed to "blindly" serve him, but rather those who chose to see, learn and ... choose HIS preferences over our own non educated in the universe ones....
He also chose to let us, his most loved creations, have freedom of choice,
when we asked for, demanded it and went our own ways regardless of what He said.
The facts of this are shown from the very first and oldest on earth, book of our origins (history) of creation "Genesis".
The Bible
 He has caused and provided the documentation and creations in nature where all can clearly see and understand his creator parent role, His love and nearness in our honoring obedience and steadfast cleaving to Him and all His ways, His attitude and non acceptance of our disobedience, and His letting us go (turning away, shutting His door on us) as we choose and seek our own ways.....
even unto self destruction and loss of eternity
in our disobedience and failure to stay with him,
in the shelter of His wisdom and loving domain.
Consider the child of any parent:
a parent can hold onto the hand of a child
in dangerous situations, to help them walk,
to keep them close and protect them, to teach them and provide for them and their happy successful growth to adulthood, old age.....
because they love them so......
then one day the child decides, for whatever reason
(anger, rebellion, self seeking, thinking they are old enough, etc)
to yank their hand out of the parents as they walk through the parking lot of a mall or store .... and do what they want, what they see no harm in, what they think is best in their inexperienced immature thoughts, over what the mature parent says
and a speeding car hits them, leaving them damaged, severely damaged for life..... or dead.
So it is with each of us.
Much like parents do as each child grows to age.
(ommitting the dysfunctional)
He also attempted, and still attempts,
 to instruct us in ALL knowledge, understand and wisdom,
in order to experience the best, safest happiest
ways and choices to have good happy lives,
as many parents try to do....
and as our Creator....
from the first breath of creation....
He sets conditions on how we will be able to survive
and live here.....
and with Him in His kingdom He has established here
and in His coming Kingdom through eternity.
And yet....
Through the freedom of choice He gave to the humans he so loved,
the world has become what we humans created...
from the choices we humans made since the beginning of time,
and which we continue to create by the choices we make this today.... this minute.
Just as the world is now NOT what GOD would have had it be...
Neither are all Fathers, or Mothers.
God originally meant for the "Father" to be to their children
as He wanted to and would have been to us as "THE" Father,
even more caring, providing, guiding and loving than the Mother.
Regretfully, down through the ages, majority opinions ruled
and mankind in the majority has made other choices,
regardless of Our True Father's wants, hopes and instructions,
and so we have the Fathers of this age.
Some of us have good and great Fathers,
some have the most cruel and disgusting,
and every kind in between.
Some do not have Fathers....
don't even really know the meaning of the word,
from lack of experience.
But God is the same today, yesterday and forever,
and so remains "THE FATHER" ....
if we allow Him to be...
Regardles of the 'majority' desires and choices.








" We love him, because he first loved us. "




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